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PRP ("Vampire") Facelift Treatment In Bridgend South Wales

Face Factor Vampire Treatment® is an Integrated Skincare System developed For the Protection, Rejuvenation & Treatment of the Skin


Face Factor Vampire Treatment® addresses both the epidermis and dermis

Face Factor Vampire Treatment® protects by applying white blood cells & anti-oxidants to the skin

Face Factor Vampire Treatment® rejuvenates by introducing growth factors & stem cells into the skin

Face Factor Vampire Treatment® treats Lines, Pigmentation, Scars & Hair Loss by increasing Cell Renewal Time, Stimulating Collagen, Telomerase and the natural Healing Mechanism of the Skin

Face Factor Vampire Treatment® PROCESS, integrating the use of Activated Platelet Rich Plasma, Meso-Therapy and Micro Needle Rollers, makes it natural, unique and different from other Skin Therapy Systems.

An effortless SKIN CARE and PROTECTION regime is available to clients

A fresh glow will be apparent the next day. The appearance of the skin will continue to improve for about a week and after about 6 weeks the full effect on Collagen Stimulation can be seen.

We call our treatment The Face Factor Vampire Treatment®

How do we treat you?

After consulting and explaining exactly what will happen, there are two separate consultations, In the first, the treatment area is prepared and topical Anaesthetic applied. Blood is taken, the Plasma separated from the Red Blood Cells, and the Platelets "activated".

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is then serially applied to the clean and dry treatment area. Instead of using Micro Injections to introduce the product into the Dermis, Micro Needle Rollers are used. This substantively speeds up the treatment and adds the benefit of micro-trauma which activate the natural healing mechanisms of the body and skin.

What is the so-called "FACE FACTOR VAMPIRE TREATMENT®"?

PRP had been used in Orthopedic and Hepatic Patients for some decades and was evaluated in other medical fields. In 2007 PRP was first offered privately as a skin treatment in Harley Street, London, and was referred to as PRP Meso-Therapy or PRP Rejuvenation. But the media sensationalized it first as "Dracula Therapy" which later morphed into "Vampire Treatment®".

Why has it taken this long to become POPULAR?

Even though the results were very good, comparable to the much more invasive CO2 laser peals, the clinical effect was superseded by economic considerations

Why Vampire Facelift (as popularised in the States)?

The term Vampire Facelift refers to a medical procedure in which platelet-derived growth factors obtained from a person's own blood are injected back into the skin of their face in specifically defined areas to enhance appearance and health. This does not accurately or fully describe what we do.

Why not call or pop in for a free consultation or talk to us before you decide what you want to have done. We're friendly, reliable and can talk things through and answer any questions you might have, no pressure, ever!

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